Vin de Blanche is where Burgundy meets California. We have a passion for wine making, and we love California wines. Our story began with the love of French wines and World gourmet foods. In 2013, we have met Sal Galvan, our wine-maker, with whom we share this passion for wine, with similar taste preferences, and the pursuit of excellence. We also have a passion for food, and our chef, Lo, is a master at pairing wines with some outstanding recipes. She has accepted to share Recipes on our site every month, so we can all enjoy the pleasure of savors and flavors blending harmoniously on our pallet. Our ambition is to make Great California Wines, with Burgundy spirit, and inspiration, and to help our followers to enjoy the pleasure of great food and wines. "Climats", in Burgundy, refers to a portion of vineyard with homogenous soil, vine, and exposition, usually named "terroir" in other regions. From France, California is the most Western country, the country where the sun sets ("couchant"). We craft our wines with among the best grapes of California, from Russian River Valley, in Sonoma county. For the Vintage 2013, we will release our Climats du couchant Chardonnay in November 2014, and Pinot Noir, in Spring 2015.