Easy Appetizers to enjoy with our Chardonnay

Climats du Couchant Chardonnay 2013 is great for wine-only degustation. It is best served around 53°F, and enjoys 10-15 minutes of oxygenation in the glass to deliver its best aromas, and flavors… It is even better when shared with friends or loved ones…

Many of us like to grab a bite as we sip through our glass of wine. Here are a few simple suggestions from Lo to make this moment very special: A pleasure for the eye, a tease for our curiosity, and a combination of different savors and textures that will complement nicely the flavors of our Chardonnay, and harmonize well with its delicate and long finish.

If you are short in time, you might as well buy some fresh goat cheese, medium dry, cut small pieces, and add delicate cubes of pear on top – a great treat. (bottom picture)

Try, enjoy, and let us know what you think!

recipe 1f pix                                          recipe 2


glass &endives blog pix                        20141116-M24_5168